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As a Success and Mindset Coach, I help others transition from being overwhelmed, stagnant, and uncertain, to discovering their true brilliance, purpose, dream life and professional fulfillment. I provide unwavering coaching, expertise, support, and guidance as my clients forge their unique paths toward making a purposeful difference in their lives. I will consistently challenge you to live at a level that will leave you amazed by your own potential, and growth time and time again.


As a creative and introspective thinker, I have been on a journey of self-discovery for quite some time....

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Whether you’d like to make a total career change, elevate your current role, or aren’t yet clear about your goals, we’ll work together to identify what makes you the happiest you. I want you to get exactly what you want from your career, and to realize you can have success.....


You're ready to break through the old and design a life you’re ridiculously proud of through openness, accountability, and action. Together we will evaluate each area of your life and assess what truly matters most. Shift your perspective....


Corporate coaching is not a form of traditional classroom learning like many other corporate training programs. Corporate coaching is deeply motivational, and it strives to inspire employees to reach certain goals. This type of coaching concentrates on the individual ...


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Kristine Keenan’s Story

I am delighted to be working with Kaleah as my life coach. I first met Kaleah when I began teaching at a school where she was head of Human Resources. As well as being a consummate professional, Kaleah demonstrated great compassion and understanding toward all employees. I began to visit her office and became increasingly impressed by her knowledge, life experience, and concern for my well being. When I found out Kaleah had transitioned from HR to becoming a life coach, I contacted her immediately. Kaleah has already assisted me in setting life goals and in establishing the means to achieve them. I highly recommend Kaleah to anyone who feels the need to get "unstuck" and to move on to a more satisfying life. Thank you, Kaleah, for all you have done and continue to do.